Happiness is a feeling that is always debated about. How does it come and how does it go? How can we be happy? Here is the fact that happiness does not have any formula. If it had, everyone would be really cheerful. Does small things bring happiness? Does happiness have any size or is it money we talk about that brings happiness? Happiness comes from the accumulation of small things that complement each other.

In my opinion, happiness is mostly about who we are and how we behave ourselves. Happiness starts when you start to see the good things in universe.The more you focus on the good stuff the more good stuff you find. Even when it seems like everything is going wrong, there is always something that is going right. At the end of the day, think a little bit about how the day was. Noticing that someone smiled at you today or someone asked you how you feel is what brings peace and satisfaction. For instance, dancing in the rain is so valuable that nothing can make you feel in that way. Having freedom, having food to eat, having people to chat, having life to live, having knowledge to improve, having awareness about your life, having dog to walk in a park, having flowers to smell, having goals and dreams, being fascinated by the sunrise and sunset, doing what you love… All of the people have more than what they think they have. Life contains much more things that human being has not ever thought about. From your every failure, you have a chance to learn something new.You have people in your life who care about you, love you and support you.Even though when you do not talk to them about what you are going through, it is a fellow feeling that if you wanted to open up about it, they would be there for you. Happiness comes from the accumulation of small things that complement each other.

“The happiness of life is made up of two charities of a kiss or smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Happiness is inside of you. You do not have to have too much money or people in your life to be happy. Happiness comes from the accumulation of small things that complement each other.

Being An Overthinker

Why are most of us afraid of telling the truth?

Most of the time, people cannot tell what they think or what they really want to say.From my point of view, this is because they are afraid of being judged by other people.They start to think about other people’s opinion.This is where overthinking starts.Unfortunately, when people become overthinker, they begin to lose their identity and opinion.Most of them are not aware of how dangerous it is because other people direct their lives with unnecessary and empty thoughts.Why cannot we tell exactly what we really want to say?

People cannot find enough courage to tell what they want.I strongly believe that people who are always focused on what people say about them can have their personality and characters built on that and i think this is one of the most harmful habits.People always tend to judge each other according to what they think is acceptable.This is what makes expressing opinions and emotions much harder.

“If we are not ashamed to think it,we should not be ashamed to say it.” Marcus Cillius Cicero

“Integrity is telling myself the truth.And honest is telling the truth to other people.” Spencer Johnson

“The truth is always something that is told,not something that is known.If there was no speaking or writing, there would be no truth about anything.There would only be what is.” Susan Sontag

Overthinking causes stress which causes dangerous illnesses.This cycle is what destroys a human’s life.The fear,in most cases, is a reflection of our own insecurities and i think this is why most of the time people need a mask to tell the truth.We avoid telling the truth until we get a mask but judgement is unavoidable.I think to get rid of this problem, we should ask questions to ourselves about why we feel in that way and what scares us.We can solve the problem by asking this type of questions because they help us to reach the main reason of our fear.

How To Feel Better

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to my diary where I do not write daily.Today,I want to write and talk about how to feel better when you feel all over the place.Tips that you are going to read are really useful for me so I hope that they will be helpful for you, too.First thing I do when I am sad is taking a shower and then I drink a cup of coffee.I usually prepare myself a To Do List to get my messy life together.And trust me when you organize your day you will feel better because your life is not messy anymore.You have a schedule to follow.When I feel all over the place I do what makes me peaceful such as writing, watching Netflix and listening to music.I ask myself why I feel bad.Because when I find the reason it is way too easy to solve the problem but usually I cannot find it.If you are just like me welcome to losers’s club.Okay, I am joking.There is always a way to feel better.I remind myself the things that I am thankful for.If you cannot find anything to be thankful for, don’t worry! I got your back.Then think about the future you want to have or your dreams.Never forget that it is just a bad day not a bad life.

You are loved and cared 🙂

Song of the day: Sign Of The Times- Harry Styles


Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to my visual diary where I do not write daily.To be honest I write because it makes me feel peaceful and cheerful.Today, I want to talk and write about limits that decrease the happiness.Unconsciously we limit ourselves a lot but we should not forget that we are capable of many things that we don’t even know yet.Your only limit is you.This is a cliche but it is true.For instance,most of the girls ask this a lot that “Is it too late to work for the body I want?” or not doing the things because we think it won’t work out in the way we want.We afraid that we will fail.But how can you know without give it a go? You are stronger than you think.Unconsciously or consciously we are the killer of our dreams.We find stupid reasons to not to do what we want because of laziness but life is short.

“Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself.”
Once I read that a woman who was 60 years old wanted to learn how to play violin but she was told that she was too old for it.And then she started to believe that she was too old and incapable of learning how to play violin.When she became 100 years old she was regretful.Because if she started to learn it, she would even become a professional violinist in 40 years.Do not wait for the right time or the right person.It is not too late to pursue your dreams.It is not too late to live in another country.It is not too late to do what makes you happy.This is your life and you live it only for once.
I think we should all try to live our lives with passion and full of joyfulness.Nothing is impossible!

You are loved and cared 🙂

Song of the day: Love On The Brain – Rihanna