Better You πŸ’—πŸ˜Š

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my visual diary where I do not write daily. In my opinion, our dreams and passions are the only things that brighten our life when we feel desperate and sad. All of us have almost same daily actions such as going to work/school, doing homework and drinking coffee/ tea. The main question is that why do we do them? Is it because we have to or we want to? For instance, the coffee you have in the mornings, do you drink it to wake yourself up and do your work or is it because you enjoy drinking it and it makes you happy? Yesterday is no longer in your life. It may have impacts on your TODAY and this is completely normal. TOMORROW can bring you happiness or anxiety but TODAY can give you an incredible day. Do what makes you feel happy and satisfied. We are all different and special. And I think our differences are what make us beautiful and unique. Stop comparing yourself to the people who you will not remember in 5 minutes. Try to enjoy every second you have because tomorrow can be too late to make yourself happy! Life is full of happiness, success, failures, anger and other emotions which you can fully experience but cannot explain. You are doing great and you are enough. You are just beautiful the way you are.

You are loved and cared πŸ™‚

Song of the day: Crazy- Daniela Andrade

Mindset in Working out

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my visual diary where I do not write daily. Today I want to write about mindset of doing exercises because I think this is one of the problems that social media has brought into our lives.I have been working out for 3 years and to be honest, I started exercising with a dangerous aim: To look like models and influencers I saw on social media. I was losing my motivation for exercising. It even caused an eating disorder which I suffered for 2 years.

Back then I was not aware of how toxic this mindset was. For the past 5 months, I started to realize how special and different my body.We all have different bodies and this is completely normal. When you start to see same kind of body shapes on social media, unconsciously you start to think β€œIs my body not normal? Am I okay? Should I look like them? Or Do I have to look like them?” It is quite damaging for young girls. It destroys people’s mental health. I decided to change my mindset for exercising. I thought why don’t I try to to be the best version of myself rather than trying to look like these girls who have more different lives, genetics than me? The new mindset has motivated me a lot that I became a person who I have never thought I would become. I started to look forward to exercising. I have known how important it is for mental health and physical health.

My message to you: You are enough even when you think you are not. You are unique and beautiful. It is okay not to be motivated for every time. It is okay to have bad days. You are strong and you can handle this. You should be your best friend. I really appreciate how hard you work. You are not alone.

You are loved and cared πŸ™‚

Song of the day: Without Me- Eminem