Do you know what it means to be human in one dimension? For example, to express yourself unplanned. It is the ability to express your thoughts in their purest form. A person filters himself not because he is afraid of being judged, but because he is afraid that those who judge him are right. Maybe everything that’s been said about you up to this time has been true. Maybe others figured out your secret when you didn’t even know yourself. And when was the last time you were yourself?

Most of the time, the person is careful when expressing himself. Words are carefully selected, planned in advance. And sometimes we talk without thinking, without controlling ourselves. Actually, we’re not ourselves either way. Sometimes we are not honest with ourselves and filter ourselves against ourselves because we do not accept our own self, our truth. In this era, when freedom of expression and disrespect are often confused, it has become very exhausting to be yourself. How we judged each other. We forgot respect, we forgot tolerance and understanding. Human beings were so selfish that they always saw the value of other ideas, lives, authorities, people, being human. We’ve forgotten our own identity. In this universe, where we were judged as much as we judge we didn’t give each other a chance to express ourselves, and we started wearing masks. Maybe if we’re not ourselves, we’ll be seen, listened to, respected and loved. Change is an undeniable fact. For example, when you are home alone, when you find out that your best friend is coming home, your eyes immediately turn around. Clear? Up should I wear? Should I clean myself up? In other words, even when you are hosting someone in your home, even if that person is your best friend, from that moment on you will not be you and you will act thinking about the opposite side. It’s not a bad thing, but I think being thoughtful is the greatest gift to humanity. But when we start judging each other, the color changes. For example, a child teacher who wants to be a superhero and fly, or anyone who cares about his idea, says, ” Don’t be ridiculous, what are you talking about flying ? Only in your dreams.”getting such an answer will cause that child to be unable to express his ideas freely, perhaps give up.Instead of giving such an answer, the child would not be disappointed if he was told that being a pilot was as exciting as flying. You see hope in his hands, perseverance in his eyes. That is why ” Man is little like himself when he speaks with his own identity, and if he is given a mask, he will tell the truth.”

If human beings were tolerant and respectful of each other, rather than restricting and masking each other, the universe would become a place where original ideas merge with free bodies. As we continue to isolate ourselves from our ideas, dreams, goals, we lose identity. There are few things on this planet more dangerous than a person who has lost his self, because a society formed by people who have lost their self also loses itself, its values and its history. It takes courage and self-esteem to be human in one dimension. I don’t think a person who can respect and accept himself and his ideas needs any masks, because your self-respect is strong enough to extinguish others ‘ disrespect for you. After all, we are all human beings, some of us judge, some of us judged but we are all those who exist with their ideas.