Better You ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ˜Š

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my visual diary where I do not write daily. In my opinion, our dreams and passions are the only things that brighten our life when we feel desperate and sad. All of us have almost same daily actions such as going to work/school, doing homework and drinking coffee/ tea. The main question is that why do we do them? Is it because we have to or we want to? For instance, the coffee you have in the mornings, do you drink it to wake yourself up and do your work or is it because you enjoy drinking it and it makes you happy? Yesterday is no longer in your life. It may have impacts on your TODAY and this is completely normal. TOMORROW can bring you happiness or anxiety but TODAY can give you an incredible day. Do what makes you feel happy and satisfied. We are all different and special. And I think our differences are what make us beautiful and unique. Stop comparing yourself to the people who you will not remember in 5 minutes. Try to enjoy every second you have because tomorrow can be too late to make yourself happy! Life is full of happiness, success, failures, anger and other emotions which you can fully experience but cannot explain. You are doing great and you are enough. You are just beautiful the way you are.

You are loved and cared ๐Ÿ™‚

Song of the day: Crazy- Daniela Andrade

Mindset in Working out

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my visual diary where I do not write daily. Today I want to write about mindset of doing exercises because I think this is one of the problems that social media has brought into our lives.I have been working out for 3 years and to be honest, I started exercising with a dangerous aim: To look like models and influencers I saw on social media. I was losing my motivation for exercising. It even caused an eating disorder which I suffered for 2 years.

Back then I was not aware of how toxic this mindset was. For the past 5 months, I started to realize how special and different my body.We all have different bodies and this is completely normal. When you start to see same kind of body shapes on social media, unconsciously you start to think โ€œIs my body not normal? Am I okay? Should I look like them? Or Do I have to look like them?โ€ It is quite damaging for young girls. It destroys peopleโ€™s mental health. I decided to change my mindset for exercising. I thought why donโ€™t I try to to be the best version of myself rather than trying to look like these girls who have more different lives, genetics than me? The new mindset has motivated me a lot that I became a person who I have never thought I would become. I started to look forward to exercising. I have known how important it is for mental health and physical health.

My message to you: You are enough even when you think you are not. You are unique and beautiful. It is okay not to be motivated for every time. It is okay to have bad days. You are strong and you can handle this. You should be your best friend. I really appreciate how hard you work. You are not alone.

You are loved and cared ๐Ÿ™‚

Song of the day: Without Me- Eminem

Caring About Ourselves

Hello, great human beings! Welcome to my visual diary where I do not write daily.These past days I was in need of caring about myself.Due to homework and other school task I have been feeling exhausted.If you are just like me, if you are tired of so many things, just take a deep breath.Sometimes our mentality is the one which makes us exhausted.Personally, when I have a lot of things in my mind, I cannot focus on anything and everything becomes so confusing.I learned a new method which is writing your thoughts for five minutes but in this five minutes you write without stopping.You just write what you think without planning.I usually write my opinions and feelings while listening to music.There is something fascinating about music.It makes me write things which I cannot even make a confession about.It releases the hidden emotions in my soul.I think we should all remember that pain is never permanent.But your belief in yourself can be.Sometimes it is hard to move on.It does not matter if you try to move on from a person or an habit.The change is hard but not impossible.As human beings we love being in comfort and I think it is normal.But our comfort zone can be really dangerous if we stay in it for too long.Lately, I have been thinking about how to get out of my comfort zone.I think it starts with investigating about the things which you have prejudices about.Then, trying these things unless they are harmful.Growing and discovering starts with being brave.

Stay weird because life is too short to be normal! ๐Ÿ™‚

You are loved and cared ๐Ÿ™‚

song of the day: Heather- Conan Gray

Being Yourself

How difficult can it be to be yourself when everyone has different opinions about every subject and every person? We read, talk, useful or not, we always find ourselves in confusion, sometimes in a development. We share our ideas, listen to ideas, learn lessons and get advice. We are forced to hear about what is wrong, what is beautiful and what is ugly, whether we want to or not. You can even find yourself believing ideas that don't belong to you. So who are you? Who are you really? You may have completely left yourself to social judgments you never knew, but you can get rid of it. Is it impossible? Think about it again.Being polite is an action that most of us think should be done but often do not apply on ourselves. Either we are not really aware of our own existence, our worth, or we are too disrespectful to even be kind to ourselves. Our own inner voice can either be our closest friend or our closest enemy. There are: Living your life by not hearing your own voice and controlling you by the statements of others. Of course, I don't know where someone else's voice will take you to someone else. When you are the person closest to you, why do you make an effort not to listen to yourself so far? Why be the one who pulls you down when you can motivate others? The most brutal voice of us humans, if not all of us, is the inner voice. It's hard to be truly understanding and kind to oneself. It's much more difficult, especially when trying to get to know yourself. Is it impossible? Think about it again.Are you silent because you are satisfied with everything? Or is it because you accepted what was told to you? As Socrates said, "Unquestioned life is not worth living." I think asking questions and wondering are the most valuable and most important things to do. When we don't question, we start to accept it. It's not a bad thing to admit, unless you are blindly believed, the same meanings can be expressed in different words. For example, what society sees as disharmony is my and many of my other friends' creativity. In a society where freedom of expression is regarded as disrespectful, being able to exist with your own fears, passions, beliefs, and what you do not believe is sometimes a very enjoyable and sometimes a painful adventure. So, is a human strong enough to protect his/her humanity while being in pain? I think it is the greatest success to be able to protect your own self, to protect your dreams, beliefs and passions and to hold tightly to them. It is not difficult to be you, but it is difficult to stay as you. Why is it so important to be you, to protect your identity? live, live your dreams and most importantly realize yourself.Otherwise, it may be too late when you realize that what you think is real is an illusion. It is too hard to stay as you. Is it impossible? Think about it again.

You are loved and cared :)
Song of the day: Experience-Einaudi

How can we educate ourselves about climate change?

Ladies and gentlemen,welcome to my diary where I do not write daily.Today I want to talk and write about climate change which is a vital problem.The World is dying.The nature is disappearing and no one is aware of it.Luckily,there are organizations to inform people about it.But the problem is bigger than we think.Especially,teenagers should do something such as educating themselves about climate change and what to do to decrease it.As a teenager,I did some research and found out what to do.Do not forget that change starts with you.I decided not to use plastic bottles to decrease the plastic pollution.Instead of using a plastic bottle, I got a glass bottle which is healthier.Also,instead of using plastic pockets for grocery, I got a non-plastic bags to carry my groceries.Many people are not aware of how important it is to use bin instead of throwing trashes into oceans and sea.We should spread awareness via social media.We should speak up about it.It is not something to be ashamed of.But if we do not talk about it and do nothing,we should be really ashamed of ourselves.We should reduce water waste.It is not too hard to do something about it.We have to do something before it is too late!

You are loved and cared ๐Ÿ™‚

Song of the day: Love & Hate- Micheal Kiwanuka

Being Present in the Moment

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to my visual diary where I do not write daily.Today I want to talk and write about mindfulness which can be described as being in the moment.We all concern a lot about future and overthink a lot about past.This is why we lose the chance of being in the moment.Here is some tips that I do to stay in the present moment:

I organize my day which really helps me to focus on what I do.Without planning, everything becomes so confusing and drives me crazy.

I meditate in the mornings.I do not do that everyday but when I do, it feels great.It is such a wonderful way to put your intention to the day such as productiveness, peacefulness…

Keeping a journal is really helpful for me.This is actually one of the main reasons why I write a blog and share my opinions and experiences here.It helps me to express myself in the way that I feel fine.

I make some self-love affirmations.

You are the only person who can help you before anyone else.

I try my best to use social media to spread positivity and kindness.You should do that too.Because you get what you give.Try to use social media to get inspiration! It is better for all of us.

You are loved and cared ๐Ÿ™‚

song of the day: You were good to me-Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler

Law Of Attraction

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my visual diary where i do not write daily.Today, i want to talk and write about Law of Attraction which i still try to improve.As human beings, most of us focus on the bad stuff.What if i fail? What if i cannot make it? What if i disappoint them?In my opinion, asking questions is good.Being curious about life is normal and fine but most of us go crazy with non-existent events and possibilities.If you imagine the bad, you program yourself according to it.Your thoughts and energy are much more powerful than you could ever imagine.The past is in the past and the future is unknown so we only have the present moment.The more we focus on good stuff the more good stuff we attract.This is why whenever i wake up i tell myself that today will be a good day.I sometimes mediate and put intention for the day.Of course it does not always work.We can have bad days or moments but never forget that doubt and pain are never permanent.We should be positive,kind and well-spoken to ourselves because no one will ever do it for us.Trust the vibes and energy!Focus on what makes you cheerful and peaceful.Bad things always happen and they will happen but we can turn them into lessons and we can spread happiness.I am not saying that you have to be happy and positive all the time.What i am trying to say is that even in the worst situations try to focus on the good stuff because in every bad situation there is always a good stuff to hold on.Focus on the good stuff because life is worth it.And try to think like “What if it works out?”.

I always try to put intention everything i do.Otherwise life becomes empty.I think we have what we attract.Stay positive and healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

You are loved and cared ๐Ÿ™‚

Song of the day: Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody

Studying Effectively

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my visual diary where i do not write daily.Today, i want to talk and write about studying effectively which mostly teenagers suffer from.It is so easy to lose motivation and being distracted by the things such as phone,ipad,laptop…This is why i get rid of anything that can distract me while studying.Of course if i make an investigation about something,i use my laptop but other than that i don’t.I also organize my day the night before or the morning of the day.It really helps me to get rid of anxiety which decreases my motivation.Taking breaks is extremely beneficial because we are humans,not robots.We need to have a rest and do what we want but not for so long.After having some rest,we should go back to studying.Pinterest gives me lots of ideas about studying,self-love and fashion.I know it is too easy to get bored while studying the subjects that you are not interested in.This is why i listen to classical music while doing my homework or studying boring topics.It does not work for everyone but just give it a go!I always try to read motivational quotes to boost my mood up.

You are loved and cared.

Song of the day: The One That Got Away-Katy Perry


Happiness is a feeling that is always debated about. How does it come and how does it go? How can we be happy? Here is the fact that happiness does not have any formula. If it had, everyone would be really cheerful. Does small things bring happiness? Does happiness have any size or is it money we talk about that brings happiness? Happiness comes from the accumulation of small things that complement each other.

In my opinion, happiness is mostly about who we are and how we behave ourselves. Happiness starts when you start to see the good things in universe.The more you focus on the good stuff the more good stuff you find. Even when it seems like everything is going wrong, there is always something that is going right. At the end of the day, think a little bit about how the day was. Noticing that someone smiled at you today or someone asked you how you feel is what brings peace and satisfaction. For instance, dancing in the rain is so valuable that nothing can make you feel in that way. Having freedom, having food to eat, having people to chat, having life to live, having knowledge to improve, having awareness about your life, having dog to walk in a park, having flowers to smell, having goals and dreams, being fascinated by the sunrise and sunset, doing what you loveโ€ฆ All of the people have more than what they think they have. Life contains much more things that human being has not ever thought about. From your every failure, you have a chance to learn something new.You have people in your life who care about you, love you and support you.Even though when you do not talk to them about what you are going through, it is a fellow feeling that if you wanted to open up about it, they would be there for you. Happiness comes from the accumulation of small things that complement each other.

โ€œThe happiness of life is made up of two charities of a kiss or smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment.โ€ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Happiness is inside of you. You do not have to have too much money or people in your life to be happy. Happiness comes from the accumulation of small things that complement each other.

Being An Overthinker

Why are most of us afraid of telling the truth?

Most of the time, people cannot tell what they think or what they really want to say.From my point of view, this is because they are afraid of being judged by other people.They start to think about other peopleโ€™s opinion.This is where overthinking starts.Unfortunately, when people become overthinker, they begin to lose their identity and opinion.Most of them are not aware of how dangerous it is because other people direct their lives with unnecessary and empty thoughts.Why cannot we tell exactly what we really want to say?

People cannot find enough courage to tell what they want.I strongly believe that people who are always focused on what people say about them can have their personality and characters built on that and i think this is one of the most harmful habits.People always tend to judge each other according to what they think is acceptable.This is what makes expressing opinions and emotions much harder.

โ€œIf we are not ashamed to think it,we should not be ashamed to say it.โ€ Marcus Cillius Cicero

โ€œIntegrity is telling myself the truth.And honest is telling the truth to other people.โ€ Spencer Johnson

โ€œThe truth is always something that is told,not something that is known.If there was no speaking or writing, there would be no truth about anything.There would only be what is.โ€ Susan Sontag

Overthinking causes stress which causes dangerous illnesses.This cycle is what destroys a humanโ€™s life.The fear,in most cases, is a reflection of our own insecurities and i think this is why most of the time people need a mask to tell the truth.We avoid telling the truth until we get a mask but judgement is unavoidable.I think to get rid of this problem, we should ask questions to ourselves about why we feel in that way and what scares us.We can solve the problem by asking this type of questions because they help us to reach the main reason of our fear.