Being Yourself

How difficult can it be to be yourself when everyone has different opinions about every subject and every person? We read, talk, useful or not, we always find ourselves in confusion, sometimes in a development. We share our ideas, listen to ideas, learn lessons and get advice. We are forced to hear about what is wrong, what is beautiful and what is ugly, whether we want to or not. You can even find yourself believing ideas that don't belong to you. So who are you? Who are you really? You may have completely left yourself to social judgments you never knew, but you can get rid of it. Is it impossible? Think about it again.Being polite is an action that most of us think should be done but often do not apply on ourselves. Either we are not really aware of our own existence, our worth, or we are too disrespectful to even be kind to ourselves. Our own inner voice can either be our closest friend or our closest enemy. There are: Living your life by not hearing your own voice and controlling you by the statements of others. Of course, I don't know where someone else's voice will take you to someone else. When you are the person closest to you, why do you make an effort not to listen to yourself so far? Why be the one who pulls you down when you can motivate others? The most brutal voice of us humans, if not all of us, is the inner voice. It's hard to be truly understanding and kind to oneself. It's much more difficult, especially when trying to get to know yourself. Is it impossible? Think about it again.Are you silent because you are satisfied with everything? Or is it because you accepted what was told to you? As Socrates said, "Unquestioned life is not worth living." I think asking questions and wondering are the most valuable and most important things to do. When we don't question, we start to accept it. It's not a bad thing to admit, unless you are blindly believed, the same meanings can be expressed in different words. For example, what society sees as disharmony is my and many of my other friends' creativity. In a society where freedom of expression is regarded as disrespectful, being able to exist with your own fears, passions, beliefs, and what you do not believe is sometimes a very enjoyable and sometimes a painful adventure. So, is a human strong enough to protect his/her humanity while being in pain? I think it is the greatest success to be able to protect your own self, to protect your dreams, beliefs and passions and to hold tightly to them. It is not difficult to be you, but it is difficult to stay as you. Why is it so important to be you, to protect your identity? live, live your dreams and most importantly realize yourself.Otherwise, it may be too late when you realize that what you think is real is an illusion. It is too hard to stay as you. Is it impossible? Think about it again.

You are loved and cared :)
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Hi guys! This is me,Selin who is 16 years old.I'm here to write about self-confidence and self-improvement.All of the information or suggestions that i will be giving will be from my own experiences and opinions.

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