Effect of Social Media

In my opinion, social media has a huge impact on people, especially on girls.People pretend to be perfect on social media.Even though we know that nothing is perfect , we are still affected by social media.I want you to know that you are not alone.I used to think a lot about what I see on Instagram.For me, there were perfect people with perfect lives.That is why I tried to be like the people I see on media.I restricted myself to look like the models.It made me feel sad, ugly and alone.It was really dangerous to restrict my diet.Luckily, i noticed how harmful it was.It even caused a lot of mental breakdowns.I know that there are girls who restrict themselves which I used to when I was 14.Fortunately, things were starting to change when I took a break from social media.The break helped me a lot to realize how special and different each of us are.I stopped comparing myself with the girls on social media.Then I tried to focus on my body and mental health which is why I started to workout and meditate.I started to do what makes me cheerful and peaceful.While I was trying to glow up and get rid of my bad habits, there were people who made fun of me.The journey that I have been for 3 years is not easy but it has taught me a lot about myself and people.You can do this.You are much stronger than you could ever think of but if you want to become better at anything, it will take time.The change takes time and effort.For the people in your life who try to make you feel unsuccessful, don’t tell them your goals show them your results.

You are loved and cared!

Song of the day: All of Them Dreams-Tom Rosenthal

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Hi guys! This is me,Selin who is 16 years old.I'm here to write about self-confidence and self-improvement.All of the information or suggestions that i will be giving will be from my own experiences and opinions.

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