How can we educate ourselves about climate change?

Ladies and gentlemen,welcome to my diary where I do not write daily.Today I want to talk and write about climate change which is a vital problem.The World is dying.The nature is disappearing and no one is aware of it.Luckily,there are organizations to inform people about it.But the problem is bigger than we think.Especially,teenagers should do something such as educating themselves about climate change and what to do to decrease it.As a teenager,I did some research and found out what to do.Do not forget that change starts with you.I decided not to use plastic bottles to decrease the plastic pollution.Instead of using a plastic bottle, I got a glass bottle which is healthier.Also,instead of using plastic pockets for grocery, I got a non-plastic bags to carry my groceries.Many people are not aware of how important it is to use bin instead of throwing trashes into oceans and sea.We should spread awareness via social media.We should speak up about it.It is not something to be ashamed of.But if we do not talk about it and do nothing,we should be really ashamed of ourselves.We should reduce water waste.It is not too hard to do something about it.We have to do something before it is too late!

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Hi guys! This is me,Selin who is 16 years old.I'm here to write about self-confidence and self-improvement.All of the information or suggestions that i will be giving will be from my own experiences and opinions.

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