How To Feel Better

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to my diary where I do not write daily.Today,I want to write and talk about how to feel better when you feel all over the place.Tips that you are going to read are really useful for me so I hope that they will be helpful for you, too.First thing I do when I am sad is taking a shower and then I drink a cup of coffee.I usually prepare myself a To Do List to get my messy life together.And trust me when you organize your day you will feel better because your life is not messy anymore.You have a schedule to follow.When I feel all over the place I do what makes me peaceful such as writing, watching Netflix and listening to music.I ask myself why I feel bad.Because when I find the reason it is way too easy to solve the problem but usually I cannot find it.If you are just like me welcome to losers’s club.Okay, I am joking.There is always a way to feel better.I remind myself the things that I am thankful for.If you cannot find anything to be thankful for, don’t worry! I got your back.Then think about the future you want to have or your dreams.Never forget that it is just a bad day not a bad life.

You are loved and cared 🙂

Song of the day: Sign Of The Times- Harry Styles

Author: lettertomyself

Hi guys! This is me,Selin who is 16 years old.I'm here to write about self-confidence and self-improvement.All of the information or suggestions that i will be giving will be from my own experiences and opinions.

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