Studying Effectively

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my visual diary where i do not write daily.Today, i want to talk and write about studying effectively which mostly teenagers suffer from.It is so easy to lose motivation and being distracted by the things such as phone,ipad,laptop…This is why i get rid of anything that can distract me while studying.Of course if i make an investigation about something,i use my laptop but other than that i don’t.I also organize my day the night before or the morning of the day.It really helps me to get rid of anxiety which decreases my motivation.Taking breaks is extremely beneficial because we are humans,not robots.We need to have a rest and do what we want but not for so long.After having some rest,we should go back to studying.Pinterest gives me lots of ideas about studying,self-love and fashion.I know it is too easy to get bored while studying the subjects that you are not interested in.This is why i listen to classical music while doing my homework or studying boring topics.It does not work for everyone but just give it a go!I always try to read motivational quotes to boost my mood up.

You are loved and cared.

Song of the day: The One That Got Away-Katy Perry

Author: lettertomyself

Hi guys! This is me,Selin who is 16 years old.I'm here to write about self-confidence and self-improvement.All of the information or suggestions that i will be giving will be from my own experiences and opinions.

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