Caring About Ourselves

Hello, great human beings! Welcome to my visual diary where I do not write daily.These past days I was in need of caring about myself.Due to homework and other school task I have been feeling exhausted.If you are just like me, if you are tired of so many things, just take a deep breath.Sometimes our mentality is the one which makes us exhausted.Personally, when I have a lot of things in my mind, I cannot focus on anything and everything becomes so confusing.I learned a new method which is writing your thoughts for five minutes but in this five minutes you write without stopping.You just write what you think without planning.I usually write my opinions and feelings while listening to music.There is something fascinating about music.It makes me write things which I cannot even make a confession about.It releases the hidden emotions in my soul.I think we should all remember that pain is never permanent.But your belief in yourself can be.Sometimes it is hard to move on.It does not matter if you try to move on from a person or an habit.The change is hard but not impossible.As human beings we love being in comfort and I think it is normal.But our comfort zone can be really dangerous if we stay in it for too long.Lately, I have been thinking about how to get out of my comfort zone.I think it starts with investigating about the things which you have prejudices about.Then, trying these things unless they are harmful.Growing and discovering starts with being brave.

Stay weird because life is too short to be normal! πŸ™‚

You are loved and cared πŸ™‚

song of the day: Heather- Conan Gray